i'm going to blaze my own trail.
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why do i have 700 followers even though i don’t post

i haven’t updated this blog for 6 months

and guess what

i won’t be updating for a long long time


i don’t have the time. well i would if i was a proactive person. but i’m just a very messed up person whose shit is all over the place.

and i need a new laptop. with photoshop.

but i honestly do want to start up this blog again.

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Anonymous: about your pages trouble - use a new layout. This layout is old and is probably buggy. Otherwise, try this: www tumblr com/blog/bleachconfessions/pages/edit?page_url=%2Faffiliates (please remember to put the dots back into the start of the url)

I changed my themes a few more times and it finally worked. Thank you so much!

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more confessions tomorrow

After I eat dinner, take a shower, and do my homework, i’ll make some more confessions. You’ll start seeing them by tomorrow!

EDIT: 3/12/13 Sorry, maybe tomorrow peeps. I’m just really tired right now.

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i need help! can’t edit my pages!


so I needed to edit my affiliates page so I went to the pages section. But it says that no pages even exist….


yet when I try to create a page with the same url it says it already exists…….


All the pages are there but I can’t edit them!


I thought my theme was the problem so I changed it multiple times. But it still doesn’t work. If anyone knows how to fix this please message me :(. Until then, I’m screwed.

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Anonymous: whenever i see another confession why ichiruki is soooo perfect, i have to trow up. nobody cares, just ship what you want and stfu.

sorry, I’m not posting this. don’t send in confessions concerning other confessions people.

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